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Marco Polo Season 3

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Marco Polo Season 3The adventure historical series “Marco Polo” from the studios Electus and The Weinstein Company, as well as the creator of the project John Fusco appeared on TV screens in December 2014. The show was on Netflix.

At the moment the series has two full seasons, which got sympathies and high ratings among the audience. But the ratings of the critics of the series was not very high because of the controversial moments in the story.

In the series “Marco Polo” the viewer is given a unique opportunity to travel with a great Italian researcher. Marco has traveled more than once and knows the sense of this. He is a courageous and brave man, and he does not know the feeling of fear. Of course, a researcher must be so. Marco loves to explore the world, get to know the people and their customs. He tries to learn more than an ordinary person. He is attracted to distant countries, in which he has not been. Marco is not one of those who sits at the same place and loves quiet life, traveling and research – that’s his life!

Let’s return to the main question: “Will there be an Marco Polo Season 3?”

Unfortunately, the channel Netflix decided to cancel the continuation of the series in the form of the third season. Therefore, we will not be able to see the continuation of the cool adventures of Marco Polo.

Officially from Netflix: Marco Polo Season 3 is cancelled.

The news is bad, but do not hurry to get upset, there are still many interesting TV series ahead of us!


Marco PoloThis time the great Venetian merchant and seafarer Marco Polo, together with his father, goes to Mongolia in the 13th century. The country developed at a rapid pace, and people here did not like strangers. The country was cruel to strangers and did not spare them. Marco Polo went to this unfriendly country. Upon arrival, he enters the palace of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan’s. He was afraid of the hostile Mongolian people and not knowing of their language. Marco was born an explorer and knew how to negotiate with different people. Now and in Mongolia, the traveler will have to find an approach to local people, otherwise, their hostility will do its job.

A young and ambitious traveler learns local culture and traditions, and also gets closer to Kublai Khan. Unwillingly, Marco becomes one of the central figures in political intrigues of power in Mongolia. His has been at the court of Kublai Khan lasted almost 17 years and became one of the most discussed described in the books of adventures. Throughout the series, the viewer will have to worry about the fate of the famous seafarer.

However, it is a pity that the series Marco Polo will not give us the opportunity to watch Season 3.

Marco Polo Season 3 Release Date

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Marco Polo Season 3 Cancelled

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Discussion: 3 comments
  1. Peter says:

    As if they cancelled it what a great series they just f*** everything up there so many more series I would rather cancel on episode 1 then this amazing story witch had already 2 series what a dissapoitment

  2. Jim says:

    Netflix you are a disaster at times! Marco Polo was a master piece! The reviewers didn’t like it? The people out here did! Most of your productions don’t attract me, but Marco Polo was- and is- Superb!

  3. Keny says:

    It was a great series, I watched two seasons so fast, in like 2-3 days just because it was so well-acted and the story was compelling. I loved the characters and the talents shown in the series. I’m sick they are not making a season three as this was a great series. If it was marketed better, it’d been a super popular series. I wish I had known about it a LOT earlier but then I’d been on the edge of my seat too often.


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