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Major 2nd (2018)

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Major 2nd TV 2018

We have very good news for all the fans of the anime series and films “Major”. One of these days, it became known that the directors are already working on a film that will become a new chapter in the history of the Shigeno baseball family. Yes, you didn’t misunderstand, we will see Gorou Shigeno and several absolutely new characters in the animated film called “Major 2nd”.

Since 2010, when the sixth season of the anime series “Major” ended, we didn’t hear anything about our favorite baseball family. Some fans have already suggested that there is a point in this story. However, we were all very surprised when in 2015 a manga called “Major 2nd” was released. At that moment, it became clear that nothing is over and in the near future, we are expecting something very good, it’s a seventh season, or a new film.

Our expectations were met! Soon we will see the continuation of the story of professional baseball player Gorou Shigeno and his son Daigo. It will be something definitely new and interesting, something we have been waiting for 8 whole years.

At the moment the release date of the animated film Major 2nd is planned and officially confirmed, the premiere will be in April 2018.

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Daigo ShigenoNow the new main hero of the film will be Daigo Shigeno – the son of the famous baseball player Gorou Shigeno (known to us from previous series and films), whose father is also very famous in the world of this sport. Of course, Daigo already from an early age dreams of becoming the same as his father – a famous baseball player not only in Japan, but also outside the country.

Training, sports spirit, defeats and setbacks temper the character of the kid and make him go to his dream. This is the story of a young athlete who has overcome many obstacles and difficulties, life barriers, but he hasn’t lost confidence in himself, fortitude and faith in his dream. Together with the support of the eminent father Daigo step by step will go to his dream, conquering new peaks.

Which way in baseball will Daigo Shigeno choose, so burdened by the hopes of the family, to fulfill their dream and become a professional baseball player, like Gorou?

Undoubtedly, we are waiting for a very interesting story, which was prepared for us in the form of the film “Major 2 nd”. We will see again our favorite baseball heroes and get to know the new ones. We wonder how our heroes have changed in these 8 years.

Major 2nd Release Date

Title Release Date
Major 2nd April 2018

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