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Madagascar 4

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Madagascar 4

We have good news! We have known the continuation of the popular among children and adults worldwide cartoon film “Madagascar” created by the DreamWorks Animation studio, scripted by Eric Darnell.

The first part of this wonderful cartoon world saw in 2005. Since then, the story of the adventure of four animals of the American zoo has become very popular. Children and adults talk about it. Reviews are excellent, box office fees have breaking records – this is an excellent occasion for shooting Madagascar 4.

Computer graphics in the cartoon are amazing, the plot surprises, well, and the characters are so amused and funny. The sly humor of the writer you can watch during the whole plot of the cartoon. Everyone who saw this cartoon, watching funny and cute little animals, got a lot of positive emotions and now want to know “The release date of Madagascar 4”.

Fortunately, we knew the release date for Madagascar 4, a new part of the cartoon will be on May 18, 2018.

We can quote from an interview with Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who said that “Madagascar 3” is not the final chapter.

“Ultimately, our characters will return to New York, and then they will decide what they intend to do in the future.” Thanks to such an ending of Madagascar 3, another chapter is unavoidable … Yes, there is likely to be the fourth part “ – Jeffrey Katzenberg.


“Madagascar” is one of the most beloved films of all children and adults. It tells about the incredible and unforgettable adventures of four animals of the American zoo: Alex, hippopotamus Gloria, giraffe Melman and zebra Marty. The best friends are accidently on the island of Madagascar, then their vain attempts to back to their native zoo lead to the creation of the cartoon “Madagascar 2”. By fate, “grief-friends” are in Africa, where they meet with their distant and close relatives. Of course, they live happily and cheerfully, but nostalgia for their own zoo still stabbing their hearts, they still have not seen their hometown for more than six years.

And then the lion Alex takes the initiative to back to New York. In the third part of the animal’s story, finally, they go home to the New York Zoo. But on their way they meet a lot of lets (the inspector of the capture of homeless animals and hunter are following them).

To protect themselves from their pursuers, the animals join the roaming circus. With this circus, they travel all over Europe and hope that eventually they will get to New York. On the way home, they find a lot of new friends. In the third part, as in the previous ones, there will be a lot of comical scenes and very humorous situations.

Madagascar 4 release date

Title Release Date
Madagascar 4 May 18, 2018

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