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Little Witch Academia Season 2

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Little Witch Academia Season 2

This fantastic story was created for us by the studio Trigger under the direction of You Yoshinari, the first episodes of which pleased the world of anime in January 2017. Since then and till now, we are watching with great interest the story of the little girl of the half-breed Atsuko Kagari. This story has a lot of fans who are imbued with the plot and would like to get themselves into this magic.

Now we enjoy watching 25 episodes of this fairy tale from the world of magic. Just imagine, the little girl gets a letter from the world’s most famous academy of magic “Luna Nova.” Such a chance is not for everyone, it’s a sin not to use it. From the first episodes, we are sinking into the fantastic world of anime, where everyone around us has magic and spells.

But very soon the first season of the anime series Little Witch Academia will finish and we all have one question: “Will Little Witch Academia Season 2 be?”

According to the rating of the series, but they are quite high, we are lucky to see the second season. At the moment, according to statistics MyAnimeList the series got an estimate of 7.91 out of 10 based on 16.000 thousand voted.

The official release date for the anime Little Witch Academia Season 2 is still unknown. But unofficial sources say that the second part will not be until April 2018. We hope and wait!

And are you waiting for Little Witch Academia Season 2? What story would you like to see?


We are not eleven years old, but many of us are still waiting patiently for a letter from Hogwarts. In the world of our hero Atsuko Kagari, there is no Hogwarts, but, nevertheless, she was very lucky. She got a letter of admission from the most prestigious school of magic around the world – Luna Nova Academy. But the happiness from the beginning of a new life darkened as soon as Atsuko got to the academy. Some students were not at all happy to meet such classmate, believe that an unreasonable rancher did not belong to such a prestigious institution.

But the spirit of a cheerful young girl does not break, Atsuko has a cherished goal – to become an international star of magic. She was determined to become a witch in her childhood, ever since she has seen the magical show of a beautiful witch named Shiny Carriage. And although Shiny Carrier is not a role model in the magical world, Atsuko is still not going to betray her idol. And she often uses her words as her motto: “Never forget, a believing heart is your magic.” However, Atsuko is a pure-witted sorceress, which means she still has a lot to learn on her way to her dream.

Little Witch Academia Season 2 release date

Title Release Date
Little Witch Academia Season 2 April 2018

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