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Kong Part 2

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Kong Part 2

What has happened in the first part of the movie Kong: Skull Island?
People again invaded the mysterious wild world of animals. Again mysterious expeditions, military, weapons and secret missions. Landing on a deserted island, the camp deployment and search operations. Everything seems to be by plan. Nevertheless, was Skull Island ready to host unexpected guests? – Of course not. Moreover, not all hunters for the sensations have come back home…

We should say that after watching the movie in the cinema, the audience had a good impression and positive reviews. Everyone has wanted to see the confrontation between the people and the terrible, giant monsters for so long. Again, everybody wanted to see a large and terrible King Kong that destroys everything on his way.

In the end, the movie completely lived up to expectations. A wonderful storyline, a very good camera work, excellent cast, beautiful soundtracks, visual effects are brilliant too! The film company Warner Bros. Pictures and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s worked great for creation a movie Kong: Skull Island. Thanks guys! Now fans are expecting from you a continuation of the story named Kong Part 2.

The exact release date Kong Part 2 is not yet known, the beginning of the filming process will be at the end of 2018, the premiere of the second part will be no earlier than 2020.

So guys, what would you like to see in the second part of the movie? Write in the comments.


Actions of exciting movie Kong: Skull Island, is a restart of franchise of the legendary giant ape monster, are in the seventies of the last century.

A small group of researchers, accompanied by soldiers of the US Army, are setting off a scientific expedition to the mysterious Skull Island, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and hidden from others eyes by the wall of volcanic steam, it preserved the unique climatic conditions.

At that time, none of the members of the expedition could not even imagine that they will be soon in an incredible, but at the same time a very dangerous place, populated with different species of prehistoric animals. Without any suspicion, our heroes are invading the territory of a huge furious monster, Kong. He is not happy to see the uninvited guests who have broken his long rest. People wanted to show a giant prehistoric primacy, whose time passed a long time ago who is now the main on the planet, the soldiers, well-armed and confident, decide to fight with the owner of the island. At that moment, our heroes could not even think that they were mistaken so much…

Kong 1, 2 release date

Title Release Date
Kong 1 March 10, 2017
Kong 2 No earlier than 2020

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