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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2


The premiere of the first part of the historical adventure thriller King Arthur: Legend of the Sword will be very soon, millions of viewers around the world are already looking forward to the release of the film.

The interest is growing, as this is a project from the well-known movie company Warner Bros and a director Guy Ritchie. And it will not be surprising if the audience likes the first part so much, people will be waiting for the start of work on King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2 as soon as possible.

Work on the first part of the film began in 2014, when the film company “Warner Bros” invited Guy Ritchie to sign a contract with them. This contract is a screen version of the famous legend of the greatest King Arthur.

And those who are already looking for answers to the questions:

“Will the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2 be?”
“Is it known the date of the release of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2?”

It is possible to answer with confidence: “YES, the second part of the film will be!”. This is clear, because there is the contract between Guy Ritchie and “Warner Bros” about a series of films.

According to the initial data, it is planned to create at least six parts of this history. The legendary Joby Harold is working on the writing of script for the films.

From unofficial sources, the release date of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2 became known, the premiere of the second part will be in May 2019.

P.S. Already now, it becomes clear that the picture will justify itself. Film critics note the exciting plot and dizzying screening of the first film. It is clear that they will want to see all this from Guy Ritchie in every part of the project.


The enthralling film was based on the famous legends of King Arthur, who became a true icon of chivalry and nobility.

The story is about a daring street kid, Arthur, who runs his own gang, trading on narrow streets located on the suburb of Londonium. Having a carefree life and living one day, our hero absolutely does not appreciate and is not interested in his true origin and roots. He even can’t imagine what his mission in this life is. This continues until Arthur, by chance, finds himself near the stone with the legendary sword Excalibur. Despite lots of tries, nobody has managed to get a sword out of stone, because according to legend only true king can do this.

People were surprised so much, when the usual street bully managed to take out the sword by one hand. Since that moment, the life of our hero changes dramatically: got the legendary sword, Arthur soon joins forces of resistance, and also meets the mysterious beauty Guinevere. Our brave hero gathered a group of people around him, he challenged the tyrant Vortigern, who killed cruelly the guy’s parents and usurped the throne before.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 1, 2 release date

Title Release Date
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 1 May 12, 2017
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2 May 2019

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