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Jamestown Season 2

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Jamestown Season 2 release dateThe novelty of this spring is a historical drama called “Jamestown” from the studio Carnival Film & Television and Sky 1, in which we know about the first English settlers who founded the Fort Jamestown on the New World lands. In the plot, we will see all the problems that the settlers had to face, the strength of spirit, heroism, and ambition that allowed us to survive in an inhospitable desert.

The first season of the series is already on Sky 1 and we have the opportunity right now to deep into this interesting story. But now there are many questions about the future of the series. Will Jamestown Season 2 be released? What is the release date for Jamestown Season 2?

As we knew, the Sky 1 channel plans to extend the historical drama for the second season.

Unofficially. Most likely the premiere of Jamestown Season 2 will take place at the beginning 2018. Soon we will know more.

Watch the news, if something changes, we will definitely let you know.


Jocelyn, Alice and Verity at the Fort JamestownAt the end of the XVI century, the English Queen Elizabeth I gives a patent to the settlers, allowing to settle the lands of The New World. In these territories, in honor of the Queen, it was organized a colony called Virginia. The first attempts to settle unexplored lands began in this world far from The Old World. At the beginning of the XVII century, the British created the Fort Jamestown, which got the name in honor of the new King of England.

The plot is about three women from England Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick), Alice (Sophie Rundle) and Verity (Niamh Walsh), from the moment they leave their past to board the ship and before their life in Jamestown. In this town, they arrived in the ranks of the first settlers dreaming of a new life and realizing their dreams, for the continuation of the family and the prosperity of the town.

However, this town was founded long before the arrival of our heroines. It already has its own laws, rules, and regulations with which it will be difficult for the settlers to agree. Moreover, Jocelyn, Alice, and Verity are the girls with ambitions, character and their quirks; perhaps they will be able to change their life in Jamestown. Perhaps, they will become a new departure point, which will allow the settlers to cope with all the trials, rally and win The New World.

Jamestown Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Jamestown Season 2 at the beginning 2018

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