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Iron Fist Season 2

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Iron Fist Season 2The exciting superhero series “Iron Fist” from the studios of Marvel Television, Devilina Productions, Netflix and ABC Studios, as well as the creator of the project, Scott Buck, is a screen version of the comic book series of the world-famous publishing house Marvel Comics. At the moment, the series has one season, but claims more.

After the first season, the series got not very flattering reviews of film critics, but among the audience, “Iron Fist” was noted with good reviews and ratings. Of course, the viewer would like to know about the future of the series and get an answer to the question: “Will there be an Iron Fist Season 2?”

As we know, just the other day the studio Marvel Television and ABC Studios have decided to extend the series for the second season. This is a great opportunity to correct mistakes and give “Iron Fist” a second chance to succeed! It is known that the show will have a new showrunner, which should significantly affect the plot of the second season.

Officially, the release date of the series Iron Fist Season 2 has not been announced yet. It is planned that it will become known soon. Therefore, we will put the TBA (to be announced) status for now.

Now it is very difficult even to predict the possible release date of the second season, because Netflix is very swamped with the filming of their projects (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Defenders and The Punisher). We have to wait for the official release date and hope that we will see our favorite hero Danny Rand no later than next year.


Danny RandThe series “Iron Fist” tells its viewer about the adventures of a young millionaire named Danny Rand, who has masterful skills in kung fu and the mystical power of Iron Fist.

Years after the sudden disappearance, Danny Rand, the son of the owner of a large company, Rand Enterprises, unexpectedly returns to New York. As a ten-year-old child, Danny and his family went on a fateful journey, during which his parents died, and the guy was in the mysterious place K’un-Lun, where for many years he has studied with Buddhist monks, comprehending combat skills and tempering the spirit.

Having returned to New York, the guy is going to continue a successful family business, his deceased father instilled him love and respect from early age to it. It’s just that everything is not so simple, because Harold Meachum, the former partner of the father Danny, has long the idea that now the control over the huge profitable company belongs to him, and his children occupy managerial positions in it. Therefore, the sudden return of the young threatens not only the interests of Meachum, but also the well-being of his family.

And now our hero will use all the acquired skills not only to achieve the set goals, but also simply survive in a cruel criminal world.

However, what will be in the Iron Fist Season 2 is a mystery. The authors of the project will have to work hard to continue the series completely eclipsed the first part, improving the ratings and reviews of film critics. What the plot awaits us, we do not know, we will do without spoilers in order to warm up the interest and intrigue of the fans.

Iron Fist Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Iron Fist Season 2 TBA (to be announced)

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