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Hundred Season 2

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Hundred Season 2

Anime series “Hundred” is a unique exciting story of 12 episodes created by the production IMS studio and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi released on TV screens in April 2016. This series belongs to the genre of fantastic school television series based on the Light novel.

The plot introduces us the main characters, the boy Hayato Kisaragi and his girlfriend Emile Crossfode. They both entered a special Little Garden University, where they will study martial arts to take a super weapon called “Hundred”. Only with this weapon, the main hero is able to destroy the enemy clan “Savage”.

Such a plot immediately found its viewer received high ratings and positive reviews of critics. But only the favorite series, as 12 episodes came to the end leaving the main question: “Will Hundred Season 2 be?”

We tried to find the answer to this question. During the search period, we faced to a lot of untrue information about the release date of the second season. A lot of Internet resources said the release date of the second season would be in October 2017. Others said the date June 2017 at all. All these dates are speculation. At the moment there is no official information about the release date of Hundred Season 2.

But do not be in a hurry to get upset, we will give you three facts that say that Hundred Season 2 will be!

Fact 1: The series is based on a manga, which consists of 13 chapters, but in the plot of “Hundred” only 4 chapters were used. That is, for the second season the material is still enough.

Fact 2: In the anime series, Hayato Kisaragi and his company of friends did not destroy all the enemies from the Savage clan. Perhaps the fight with the others who left in the “Savage” will be in Hundred Season 2.

Fact 3: The series keeps its popularity to this day. High interest and good ratings – is this not a reason for the second season?

The result. We predict that the anime series Hundred will have Season 2. The release date? Most likely, the continuation of the series we will see not earlier than the spring of 2018. We will inform you as soon as there is official information.

Do you want to see Hundred Season 2?


Hundred, Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossfode

At all times, humanity needs heroes, and in times of deprivation and danger – even more so. When suddenly a new mysterious form of life appeared on Earth called “Savage”, which threatens people with possible destruction, they found a way to defend themselves with the help of an unusual weapon known as “Hundred”. Not everyone can own this weapon, and the soldiers are trained in a special institution called “Little Garden”, where young men and women can challenge each other and hone their skills in a duel.

Hayato Kisaragi is the main character of the anime series who dreams of becoming a famous martial artist and using Hundred to protect himself and all people from uninvited guests from the Savage clan. He was lucky and he managed to enter the “Little Garden” military university. There Hayato was waiting for two entertaining surprises. First, he has to share a room with a mysterious girl who knows him from somewhere and tells him the story in which they have to go the way to battle glory side by side together. Secondly, immediately after the admission ceremony, he was challenged to a duel from the strongest fighter of the university.

Next, the owner of the magical and powerful aura joins the fearless team, which made Hayato even stronger, and gave him confidence, the girl by the way, was called Emile Crossfode. But the enemies also activated, the queen of local bandits Claire Harvey, throws our hero a second challenge…

It seems that from the very first days our hero will have to prove to others and to himself that his fate is unusual. Moreover, the boy has unforeseen problems in the possession of the martial arts given him by the ancestors…

Hundred Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Hundred Season 2 Not earlier than the spring of 2018

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  1. Nick says:

    You should do all you can to have a second season of the anime hundred

    1. Oof says:

      Me too i really want season 2

  2. Gurkirat says:

    Please, I want to see the season 2 this is the best anime ever


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