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How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend 2nd Season

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How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend 2nd Season
Original title: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Season 2

The second season of an interesting anime story “How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend” from studio A-1 Pictures, based on the fantastic novel (Light novel) directed by Kanta Kamei will soon glad all its fans with a new storyline.

The first season finished on March 27, 2015 and told us an interesting story about otaku guy Tomoya Aki, who wanted to create his anime game. For giving his experience to others, but alone he did not succeed until he found a team. Their attempts to create a game with the main hero Megumi continue in the second season.

The official release date of the anime series “How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend? 2nd Season will be shown on April 14, 2017.

So far, the number of series is not known, but according to previous information, there will be at least 12 series.


Here you can meet Tomoya Aki, who is a high school student and otaku, who perceives the outside world through the prism of video games and has little interest in objective reality. However, this description is not entirely true: there has been recently a fateful meeting in the life of Tomoya, giving him an ambitious goal and awakening creative tendencies. Tomoya was on the street with Megumi Katou, the most beautiful girl he had ever met, and this meeting took root in his memory.

However, the first meeting was just a prologue to a much more interesting development of events: after a while Tomoya met me again Megumi – and he was surprised to realize that this girl, whose beauty has set inside his soul, is studying with him in the same school. Struck by the fact that he had never noticed her before, Tomoya understood very quickly the reason for this misunderstanding: Megumi lacks an interesting personality, and those who are around her do not notice her. So Tomoya had a brilliant idea: he should correct this annoying misunderstanding and create a game – a dating simulator with Megumi, who played the main role, so that everyone fell in love with her.

Meanwhile Megumi, liked the idea and trying to start to resemble the same heroine. In the new season, the guys expect new difficulties and adventures on the way to creating the game. But Tomoya does not give up and attracts to this difficult affair assistants who will draw and write a script for a dating simulator.

How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend Season 2 release date

Series number Release Date
1 April 14, 2017
2 April 21, 2017
3 April 28, 2017
4 May 5, 2017
5 May 12, 2017
6 May 19, 2017
7 May 26, 2017
8 June 2, 2017
9 June 9, 2017
10 June 16, 2017
11 June 23, 2017
12 June 30, 2017

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