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House of Lies Season 6

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House of Lies Season 6The comedy drama “House of Lies” from the studios Cinema Vehicle Services, Crescendo Productions and Matthew Carnahan Circus Products and the creator of the project Matthew Carnahan is based on the book by the author Martin Kihn “House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Tell You the Time”. Five seasons (2012-2016) pleased us with a story about the unsurpassed duet of management consultants Marty Kaan and Jeannie Van Der Hooven.

During five seasons, this couple was engaged in different cases, which ended in success and excellent fees for their performers. A consulting company led by Marty Kaan grew and easily avoided any competitors. And all this thanks to Marty, who was able to build the right approach to the matter.

This story is so popular with the audience that even the year after the end of the fifth season the most ardent fans of the series want to know if the House of Lies Season 6 will be.
But today is clearly not their day, because we have to report that the sixth season is officially cancelled.

Officially, House of Lies Season 6 is cancelled. Everything else on the Internet is nothing more than rumors.

Perhaps, the continuing interest and high ratings will play a role and some of the channels will decide to pick up the series to continue it for the sixth season. Follow the news, we will certainly let you know if something changes.


House of Lies CastThe series “House of Lies” is a funny and eventful picture, telling about the harsh everyday life of a successful and inimitable management consultant – Marty Kaan, who was well-played by the famous actor Don Cheadle. According to the plot, the main character is an intelligent, prudent man, charming, in a word, a professional who you rarely meet.

Marty sincerely believes that in war any methods are good, if only to give their clients all the necessary information. His subordinates are well-trained professionals who know what they are on. Among them, the self-confident beauty is a graduate of a prestigious university, well-known actress Kristen Bell as Jeannie Van Der Hooven. So, self-confident Marty moves forward, bypasses competitors and does not deal with those who are weaker or more stupid than him. But capricious clients often do not know what they want, and Marty and his team are forced to meet in comical and slightly ridiculous stories for the sake of their well-off customers. How funny is it to be the best management consultant? What is the back of an ordinary working day in the office and what are the quirks of the rich? For all these questions, you can find the answer by watching the series House of Lies.

Unfortunately, we will not see House of Lies Season 6 and will not be able to enjoy our beloved Marty Kaan and Jeannie Van Der Hooven anymore. Too bad, we would like to continue to watch this comedy drama…

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