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Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2

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Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2Alternative Title: My Two-Faced Little Sister

September 24, 2015, we watched the last episode of the first season of the anime series of the Himouto Umaru-cha created by the studio Doga Kobo and directed by Masahiko Oota, based on the popular manga.

12 episodes showed us a wonderful, humorous and positive story about the sister and brother Taihei and Umaru Doma. Every day for a sister Umaru – it’s fun and beauty, and for a brother Taihei – it’s the new tricks of a spoiled sister.

It should be noted that the cool story of the anime series found its viewer, having got millions of fans. Also, the series got good reviews from critics and scored quite a good rating on the popular anime site MyAnimeList, which was 7.52 out of 10.

We liked the show so much, so we could often hear the question to the directors: “Will there be Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2?”

And as it became known from official sources, the anime series will be extended for the second season.

The official release date is confirmed, the showing of new episodes of Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2 will begin in October 2017.

Can not you believe this pleasant news? See the official source.

Great respect to all who waited and believed, hope the second season will please us with something new and funny! Soon!


All older children in any family have at least one common problem – younger brothers and sisters, who need to be watched all the time. On one side, it may seem that a youngster Taihei Doma does not understand such experiences: after all, his younger sister, high school student Umaru, is differ by her intelligence, beauty, elegance and a plenty of other positive qualities. Unfortunately, Taihei by this side doesn’t know Umaru: coming home, the girl is changing beyond recognition and turns into an irresponsible idler-otaku.

Devoting all the time to surfing the Internet, reading manga, video games and watching anime, Umaru entrusts cleaning, cooking and buying an older brother who is already busy at work. During that year, as they live together, Umaru masterfully learnt to manipulate poor Taihei with the help of hysterics, which are getting stronger day by day. However, not everything is lost: Umaru has good friends who are able to make a positive impact on her. At least, Taihei is very hopeful for this – if this does not happen, the inquiries of the two-faced sister will make him a pauper alone with a permanently bad mood.

Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Himouto Umaru-cha Season 2 October 2017

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