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Gossip Girl Season 7

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Gossip Girl Season 7The series “Gossip Girl” got a huge success and keeps on getting it now. The first five seasons are taken from the books of American writer Cecily Brooke von Ziegesar, but the continuation of the story was created by screenwriters. And how different it is, because the series is so popular that it just needed to be extended for a few more seasons.

As we have already said, new audiences are still want to see the series, and old fans – to re-watch again.

The question to the authors and directors also continues: “Will there be Gossip Girl Season 7?

Today, the Internet is full of deceit and rumors, which can cause a fan of the series some confusion.

Officially, Gossip Girl Season 7 is not planned, as the story is over.

We will not deny the situation in which one of the TV channels wants to pick up the plot and extend it for the seventh season. If you think about it, the plot can be easily extended, for example, a new school and its new story, a new release and new heroes. In general, the authors and directors have something to think about, perhaps it’s a good idea to shoot Gossip Girl Season 7.

Let’s hope that CBS Network will want to extend the story for us for a few more seasons. If it happens, we will definitely tell you!

And, for now, once again, there is no official information about Gossip Girl Season 7.

Oh, how we would like to see officially the message that “the series Gossip Girl is renewed for Season 7”. But now it’s only a dream…

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Gossip Girl CastIn the center of the plot of the series “Gossip Girl” is an elite school in which the children of rich parents study. In their lives, there is everything you can only wish, parents have provided their children with a carefree life. However, in their comfortable world, there is also hatred, betrayal, lies and envy. They always have to check friendship for strength, because friendship is not sincere or self-serving. Serena van der Woodsen is back to school as a popular student who went abroad to study, but for some reason changed her mind and came back. Even the girl’s best friend did not know the reason.

About the return of the first beauty, everyone knew from a blog written by a certain Gossip Girl. All the pupils of the school read her notes, but no one knows who is hiding under this pseudonym. It feels like Gossip Girl is omnipresent, she knows everything and everyone. She reveals family secrets, shares secrets of the personal life of students and even their parents.

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Gossip Girl Season 7 is not planned

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