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Girlboss Season 2

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Girlboss Season 2April 2017 pleased us with different novelties in the world of serials, but one of the most memorable was a series called Girlboss. The creators of which were the channel Netflix and project manager Kay Cannon. The series is based on the well-known book #Girlboss from the author Sophia Christina Amoruso, who in the book told her own success story.

The series was expected so much among spectators and personal fans of Sophia Amoruso (and her brand Nasty Gal). And it’s no surprise that “Girlboss” has got quite good reviews from film critics, and also managed to get plenty of fans, mostly women.

But what do we have now? The first season is over, but we would like more.

Now we have not found official confirmation that the series will be extended for the second season. But the numbers and its popularity mean that you do not need to doubt, we will definitely see Girlboss Season 2.

In order not to dissolve rumors and not mislead our users, we will give the Girlboss Season 2 TBD status (meaning that the extension for the second season is being discussed).

If you ask our opinion, we will reply that we are betting that the world will see Girlboss Season 2.


Girlboss Season 2 - SophiaThe main character of this series is Sophia (actress Britt Robertson). This woman completely refuses the idea of growing up. She wants to stay young in her soul. However, soon to be faced with old age. Whoever said anything, but to be an old woman who is an incredibly business woman, moreover she pays attention to selling vintage clothing – it’s worth a lot. In addition, this woman has set an excellent goal. She dreams of building a fashionable business that will turn into a real empire. Of course, the work of the boss causes a lot of difficulties, but the main character is ready for anything.

Before us is a show that tells about Sophia Amoruso (founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal). She wrote a book about herself that became a real hit and got a prize called Goodreads Choice Award in the nomination “Business Literature”.

Girlboss Season 2

Title Release Date
Girlboss Season 2 TBD (the second season is being discussed)

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