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Fuuka Season 2

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Fuuka Season 2

Sorry if we disclose the secret, but the anime series “Fuuka” will be continued for the second season. This is a wonderful everyday story from the studio Diomedea based on the realistic manga by the author Kusakawa Keizou, the first series that came out in January 2017. The first season consists of 12 amazing series.

What to say, we can see a rather realistic story. A guy completely stuck in a social network Twitter accidentally meets his opposite – a girl Fuuka. Between them, there is an unpleasant quarrel. Finally, the guy loses his phone and access to the social network. Further, he falls out of the “online” and falls into reality, where he is waiting for a lot of interesting things. In the second season, wait for the continuation of this story!

The estimated date for the release of the Fuuka Season 2 is January 2018, plus or minus a couple of months.

If you look at the reviews and assessments – fans of anime liked the first part of anime. Therefore, the fans are already waiting for the official release date of the second part. Follow the news on our Release Date Hub!


“Twitter” has been a cult social network of our generation for a long time. More and more young people start their mini-blogs there, sharing their little things of life with their subscribers. Some sometimes, in pursuit of retweets and likes, are ready for much. One of the users of Twitter is the main character of this anime Yuu Haruna, who has recently moved to another city. He was literally pulled into the “Twitter” network, all the time reading the news feed and updating it with details about what is happening around.

Once he, getting stuck as always in the screen of his smartphone, faced to the blue-haired girl Fuuka Akitsuki. They had an awkward case: the girl mistakenly thought that the guy was taking a picture of her underwear, and she broke his smartphone. In the end, it turned out that Fuuka does not use a mobile phone at all. She is completely different from modern youth, which can only communicate in social networks. Haruna is interested in Fuuka, because she is outgoing and spontaneity, showing him the world outside the smartphone screen.

Fuuka Season 2 release date

Title Release Date
Fuuka Season 2 January 2018

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