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Fifty Shades Freed

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Fifty Shades FreedContents of this article:

Fifty Shades Freed is a continuation of the famous film from the studio Universal Pictures and by the director James Foley, which will be the final chapter in the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey (author Erika Leonard James).

The audience could see the premiere of the first part of the trilogy on February 9, 2015. Such famous actors as Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson (appeared in the second part), Rita Ora, Luke Grimes and others played in the film.

The ratings of the film critics of the first part of the film were very low, but it did not stop Universal Pictures from making a record $ 560 million, with an initial budget of 40 million. It was the audience’s sympathy for the unique and intriguing storyline that became the engine that allowed us to see the second part of the story, and let’s see the third one Fifty Shades Freed.

Fans of the film started to look for any information on Google about what will be in the final part and when its release date will be known.

So, what to expect in Fifty Shades Freed?

what to expect in Fifty Shades FreedIt’s time to tell you some interesting moments what will be in the last part of the trilogy. If you have not read Erika Leonard James’s books, then this information will be interesting for you!

  • The main heroine of the film Ana will become pregnant. She finds out about this accidently. Christian’s reaction to this news will not be very positive, but the thing is that he will find Ana pregnant on purpose. Moreover, he is afraid of the situation if Ana in the future chooses their son instead of him, and he is alone.
  • Anna continues to hunt the old hated boss Jack Hyde, who is working out a plan for kidnapping. Once, after the return of Ana and Christian from the honeymoon from Europe, Christian has affairs in the country. He leaves Ana alone in the city. She went out with her friends for several glasses of wine. But when Ana comes home she faces to a terrible picture in which Jack Hyde breaks into the house and tries to kidnap her. After a while, he kidnaps Mia Gray and demands a $ 5 million ransom from Ana. The main heroine doesn’t get pull into this and decides to deal with the situation herself, as a result of which, during the fight, she shoots Jack Hyde in the leg.
  • Jack Hyde is in prison, but then there is another problem – “Mrs. Robinson”. She meets Christian again and tries to break up not very strong marriage.
  • Bad news for Christian. He accidentally knows that being a child he and Jack Hyde grew up together in the same orphanage. This news was a shock to the main character.
  • The last part promises to end happily. In the end, we can see a happy married couple Ana and Christian, who laugh and smile. They have many reasons for this, one of which is the second birthday of their son Theodore, and the second – the pregnancy Ana. They are waiting for a daughter, who is already planning to name Phoebe.

Sorry that we open the cards ahead of time, but what will not do for you – dear readers!


Let’s remember what was in the second part Fifty Shades Darker.

Fifty Shades DarkerOf course, the focus of events is the relationship between the rich and successful businessman Christian Grey and the shy girl Anastasia Steele. Perhaps, this is the most sensual, emotional, romantic and contradictory love story.

After Anastasia broke up with Christian, she got a job as a personal assistant of Jack Hyde, the editor of a small publishing house in Seattle. Soon the young man tries to contact Anastasia by e-mail to invite to the exhibition of paintings, authored by her best friend Jose. The main heroine of the drama “Fifty Shades Darker” accepts the invitation and decides to go to the presentation alone. But there she is waiting for a surprise, to meet Christian Grey. After meeting with Christian, having discussed some of the “new rules” of their relationship, the couple is together again. Scenes with their joint rest and the truth can convince that Gray is changing, but is it really so?

At the charity exhibition organized by Christian parents, young people come together, and there the guy tells the girl that he bought the edition in which she works. Christian is obviously jealous of Anastasia to her boss Jack Hyde. He is ready to freeze all accounts of the company so that the beloved does not fly away with Jack to New York. He asks his love not to communicate with the leader, because he can make pressure on her. Anastasia is concerned about the behavior of her boyfriend, but decides not to take his words too seriously. However, sooner Jack begins to pursue the girl and even threaten her. Upon knowing this, Christian immediately fires Jack from the position of editor. And Anastasia is appointed on this position – the girl’s dream comes true and it was her own merit.

The situation is complicated when Christian knows that his love is still communicating with “Mrs. Robinson” (Elena Lincoln) – a woman who mocked him and caused his aggressive behavior. Elena understands that Christian is really in love with a timid beauty and tries anyway to hinder their happiness. But the main character does not give in to these antics of Elena and tries to build a real, strong and happy relationship with Christian Grey, who is already ready to make marriage proposal to his beloved…

It was a sharp moment when Christian and his colleague got into a plane crash on their helicopter. The helicopter crashed in a mountainous area. Family Grey is shocked by this news, Anastasia in tears is waiting for at least some news about his beloved. Fortunately, Christian Grey and his colleague manage to survive. And since that moment their love story is gaining momentum.

Fifty Shades Freed Release Date

Title Release Date
Fifty Shades Freed 9 February 2018

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The trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the release date of its parts.

Title Release Date
Fifty Shades of Grey 9 February 2015
Fifty Shades Darker 10 February 2017
Fifty Shades Freed 9 February 2018

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