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Fairy Tail Season 3

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Fairy Tail Season 3
After the end of the second season, fans of the anime series Fairy Tail had only one wish as soon as possible to know the release date of the third season. By the way, Fairy Tail is one of the most popular and top anime series, which have become truly cult nowadays. Anime is filmed on the manga by Hiro Masima and produced by such famous studios as A-1 Pictures and Satelight. The series pleases its fans from October 2009 till present.

The anime has already two seasons, there are 277, and also 6 episodes of OVA and the feature film “Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess”, which lasted 85 minutes. But the series is not finished: the release of the third season is planned, also the movie Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will be in this May!

There is a powerful fandom around the anime Fairy Tail: on the Internet you can find a lot of cosplay of different quality on different characters, candy wrappers, theme groups and forums. And, this is not surprising, because the author Hiro Massima tried to minimize the difference in the plot between the manga and the series. The whole world in the anime is detailed and thought over: it will take a lot of your time and effort to find blunders and inconsistencies in the story – experts worked on the manga.

Well, what is known about the release date of the anime series Fairy Tail Season 3? When? According to unofficial data, the third season will be in 2017, but there is no exact date yet. Producers say: firstly is a movie, then a third season.

Do not believe me? See the official website and twitter of developers.


The main role is still the same cool guild, the main members of which disappeared with the Island of Heavenly Wolf in the abyss of the ocean and back in seven years. In the guild and in all of Fiore, the situation changed dramatically and Fairy Tail stuck at the very bottom of the list of “Top 50 Magic Guilds Fiore.” To regain its glory and improve the economic situation in Fairy Tail, Master Makarov decides to take part in the Great Magical Games!

The previous season stopped at this stage. Even before the competition, Fairy Tail distinguished itself by its original approach. They are the only ones who released at the same team two teams from the guild: team A and team B. Of course, only the strongest participated in the competition. However, as usual, the event in which Fairy Tail participates can not be calm.

The last series of the second season was released on March 26, 2016. The season was closed by the beginning of the Avatar arch, where Natsu and Lucy are the main characters are going to rally the guild, whose members are all over the country. But on their way the heroes met villains. The second season was completed unexpectedly for the audience.

As a producer says, the anime company took a break to implement another project, which is closely related to the Fairy Tail. If earlier it was a secret, it is already known today that the team was working on the film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, which the release date is already known. The release of such a big anime requires a lot of creativity, and a break was made to rest.

The third season will begin with the continuation of the Avatar arch, which ended the previous one: the adventures of Natsu after his annual training.

And after that we will pay to the global problems for the whole Kingdom of Fiore. A new master of the clan, epic battles and the war for the most important treasure of the guild Fairy Tail – that’s what awaits us in the new season.

Are you waiting for the continuation? What do you remember most from the previous parts?

Fairy Tail Season 3 release date

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