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Elementary Season 6

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Elementary Season 6, release date
The series “Elementary” from CBS studio and the creator of the project Robert Doherty is a completely new interpretation of the work of the famous classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called “Sherlock Holmes”.

Of course, many film studios shot a film about this detective, but this time the creators brought a little spice to this picture. After all, the plot of the new series does not develop according to the classical scenario, since the main character, that is, Sherlock Holmes will change his residence permit and leave gloomy London for noisy even at that time New York.

Well, we have already known this, because at the moment we are enjoying watching the fifth season of this wonderful detective series. That’s just the problem, the fifth season is coming to an end, there was only one – the last episode. Therefore, it is not surprising if your question is: “What is the release date of Elementary Season 6?”

At the moment we know that the sixth season will be. The release date for Elementary Season 6 will be at the end of September 2017.

Yes, we will have to miss our favorite heroes and their detective stuff all summer long, but the new season will bring us new emotions and impressions from the plot. Waiting is worth it!


The plot of the detective series “Elementary” is the world-famous work of the English writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, telling about the adventures of the experienced detective Sherlock Holmes, who has an incredible deduction, and his faithful assistant Dr. Dr. Watson, who here is absolutely different from the familiar image for us , and a woman (Dr.Joan Watson).

The series is in modern-day New York, where a British detective Sherlock Holmes, who is addicted to drug addiction, is sent home by his family to get treatment at a specialized rehabilitation center. However, after the completion of the treatment, Holmes decides to stay in Brooklyn as a local police investigator for investigations. Dr.Joan Watson, who Sherlock’s father hired to look after him, will be a partner and help Sherlock.

Further, this couple undertakes to solve the secretly covered crimes of New York. Without their help, the disclosure of the most mysterious crimes becomes impossible. Police Capt. Thomas Gregson and his partner detective Marcus Bell are actively dealing with Holmes and Joan to cleanse New York of crime together.

Elementary Season 6 promises to be for our detectives no less hot and difficult, thus very interesting for us. Stay with us to get more information about your favorite TV series!

Elementary Season 6 Release Date

Title Release Date
Elementary Season 6 the end of September 2017

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  1. elizabeth garza says:

    my favorite show!! will there be a 7th season.,, because at the end of 6th season it said season finale not series finale on the last episode(21)?? please say yes!


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