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Durarara!!х2 Season 4

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Durarara!!х2 Season 4

The first season of the mystical anime series, the story of which is based on the Light novel from the studio Shuka and by the director Takahiro Omori was released in 2010. The series has got millions of fans around the world. But since that moment that the story in the first season was not finished, the series has been extended for the second season, which pleased the fans in 2015.

Since then, many fans have only the one question: “Will there be Durarara!!x2 Season 4?”. Everybody would like to see an adventure in the famous Ikebukuro street and also the battle between the main character and monsters.

Therefore, we can only wonder whether the third season will be shot or not. The ratings of the anime series show that it is very, very popular and the third season will only increase this popularity. We are waiting and we hope.

Let’s guess that the release date for Durarara!!x2 Season 4 is possible at the beginning of 2018.

This will be a good gift for all fans! Shuka Studio and respected Takahiro Omori, are you ready to give us a surprise?


Ikebukuro is considered one of the dangerous and bright areas of the city of Tokyo, in this marvelous area life passes violently and severely. Ikebukuro and calm life, there are concepts, which are incompatible. No matter how boring and inconspicuous you may be, if you live in this mad area, then sooner or later troubles will reach you. In this dashing area nothing prevents to do the dark business, here you can be beaten without asking a name, in this place the person is not the same as at the first meeting. Citizens of the area are already used to fighting with severe monsters in the neighborhood. In this area severe gangs run everything and anybody can suffer from them. Any case, it is wiser to get out of the way of these gangs and it’s better to leave Ikebukuro as soon as possible!

But there are enough serious guys who can bring the heat bandits, monsters, and other stern comrades. These comrades are the main characters of the anime series “Durarara!!x2”. Our main characters are persons that are not ordinary and sometimes dangerous, for them wise advice about getting out of this area is completely useless.

Mikado, deeped in the consequences of his own ill-considered decisions, wishes to correct past mistakes and goes on to create his justice in Ikebukuro. Shizuo, who was an object of interest for many Mafiosi, still wants peace. Izaya, who hates this calm life more than anything else, is waiting for the outcome of the intrigue. You can mix here the traders, who sell amazing creatures, ambitious and short-sighted Yakuza, reborn street gangs – and get a dim view of what the grand plot is about in the high-concept anime series “Durarara!!x2”.

Durarara!!х2 Season 4 Release Date

Title Release Date
Durarara!!х2 Season 4 beginning of 2018

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