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Dororo Season 2 release date, latest news, trailer and images

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Dororo Season 2 release date

The winter season of 2019 was very rich in new fascinating anime. One of such novelties was the TV series «Dororo» from the studio MAPPA and by the author of the project Kazuhiro Furuhashi, which from the first episodes began to get popularity among the audience. And at the moment the series has already received high ratings and has taken the leading places in the top anime in 2019.

High places in the top of the best anime in 2019 – not at all surprising, it is not for nothing that it is said that everything new is well forgotten old, and we can see this by watching the anime series “Dororo”, which is actually a remake of the movie released almost fifty years ago.

What do we have for today? The last 24th episode of the anime series, we will be able to watch June 24. Unfortunately, the story ends here. But does the story end in general? Will Dororo Season 2 be? What is the release date for Dororo Season 2? What are the latest news and rumors? These and other questions can be heard from anyone who has already managed to watch the first season, fell in love with its storyline and with the main characters.

Will ‘Dororo’ Return for Season 2? Facts and rumors

Anime series got high ratings and good reviews from critics – this is a fact. Dororo is an interesting story that has been around for more than 50 years, a story that many have fallen in love with is also a fact. Cool characters, a beautiful picture, plenty of fans and an incredible desire to see the second season is another fact. If you add up all of the above, then this is a great recipe for the second season. If the creators of Dororo decide to extend the series for 2 season, the release date for the continuation can be scheduled for the beginning of 2020. But will the studio MAPPA and the authors of the series want to move away from the script and extend the anime for the second season only because of the good ratings … today it’s a mystery …

What about rumors? Many online publications have already predicted the second season and are talking about its premiere, which should take place in the winter and spring of 2020.
We will let you know if MAPPA Studio officially announces the extension of the series for the second season. Stay with us.


Dororo and HyakkimaruJapan Muromati period fought feudal wars. Daigo Kagemitsu Samurai-General was expecting the birth of a child. This man was distinguished by extreme devotion to his country. For it, he was ready to make any sacrifices.

In order to stop the war, this man donates 48 demons of his unborn son. After birth, the demons got 48 parts of the baby’s body. The father decided to get rid of the sick child and threw him into the river.

A wiseacre named Jukai saves a crippled baby. He called him Hyakkimaru. Few years later, with each new day Hyakkimaru grew and strengthened morally. He longed to regain all that was lost. To do this, he will have to find the demons to kill them and take away for himself what he rightfully owned.

A satellite will appear on its hard path. They will be the boy Dororo, who was an outcast, but bravely calling himself a great thief. Hyakkimaru could not understand the poor man, because he was also left to the mercy of fate. And they go together. One kills the demons, the second gets a chance to change.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

The studio MAPPA has not announced the exact release date of the second season yet. And this is not surprising, because MAPPA loves to keep quiet. But it is not difficult to make a prediction that we will be able to see Dororo Season 2 no earlier than January 2020.
Title Release Date
Dororo Season 2 January 2020 (Unofficially)

Dororo. Main characters

Hyakkimaru and Dororo 2019
Hyakkimaru is a child who was donated to demons in exchange for a throne and power. This led to the fact that the guy was born without some organs and body parts, as they were taken away by the creatures. No matter what, he still managed to live, thanks to Jukai, the doctor who took him out of the river where the baby was thrown at the behest of his father.

Dororo is an orphaned boy who considers himself the best thief in Japan. The main character rescues him from the demon, after which he joins Hyakkimaru on his journey.
Jukai is a wiseacre, a great doctor who saved Hyakkimaru from death. Using the magic of healing and alchemy, the doctor developed and made prostheses for him.

Daigo Kagemitsu is a samurai general, neglectful father of the main character who condemned his child to death in order to gain power.

Biwamaru is a nameless blind wandering monk. He is a great swordsman who wears a sword in his bive.

Tahoumaru is the younger brother of Hyakkimaru and the second son of General Daigo Kagemitsu. Born after Hyakkimaru was abandoned.

Images / Posters

Images Source: Youtube/MAPPA

Dororo Season 2 Trailer

Are you waiting for 2nd Season?

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    Dororo s2 please

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    I’m desperately waiting for seasoned two

  3. Ngawang eeudhen says:

    I’m desperately waiting for season two

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    Yup… This is one of fav anime in my list so plz release the 2 Season….


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