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Criminal Minds Season 13

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Criminal Minds Season 13
“Criminal Minds” from the studio CBS has already active 12 seasons. Right now, we can enjoy the last episodes of this season.

12th season of the series is just full of different breathtaking and exciting moments. Returning to the serial of the character Derek Morgan, putting the agent Spencer Reid behind the bars, the shocking leaving of the character Aaron Hotchner and many other things left quite an ambiguous impression to the audience. Episodes are filled with psychology, experiences and crime.

Such plot of directors and authors confused a little viewers. Previously, every fan of the series was waiting for the release of a new episode deeps in the incredible investigations of agents of the FBI’s department for the analysis of the behavior of criminals, now the plot also included dramatic events. The leaving of Aaron Hotchner shocks the spectators. The putting Spencer Reid behind the bars – one of the most physically weak agents, also shocked everybody. However, we were pleased with the moment of returning to the Criminal Minds series of character Derek Morgan.

It’s hard to imagine what awaits us in Criminal Minds Season 13? Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Spoiler. Most likely, the 13th season of the series will continue the story of the Spencer Reid agent mixed with mysterious crimes. A team of FBI agents from episode to episode will meet on their way more violent and secret crimes. Will they be able to solve all these problems? The answer to this question we will know only in Criminal Minds Season 13.

Officially, the CBS channel has not announced the release date of the series Criminal Minds Season 13 yet. But looking at previous seasons, it’s not difficult to guess that the first series will be at the end of September 2017.

We know that the shooting is planned, and the project will be supported in 2018 as well. Therefore, most likely we will see several seasons of this exciting series.



A few words about the plot of the series. A team of the most experienced detectives of the FBI, led by Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi, is again being taken to investigate serious crimes. The series deeps viewers into the hard affairs, intricate alibis and gang warfare. It’s hard to find evidence for the agents of the department, because criminals every time come up with sophisticated moves, sweeping the tracks immediately after the brutal murders. Villains every day try to interfere in the work of the detachment, but its brave members keep watch the law.

Fans of the series will again be able to observe with interest the life of investigator Jennifer Jareau, computer scientist Spencer Reid, hacker Penelope Garcia and marine David Rossi. These brave guys, in spite of family problems, will apply their abilities every day to analyze and process data. New bright characters, with extraordinary character, strange or obsessive ideas will appear in the series. They will have luck, they will survive in the battles for order in the streets, will be known not immediately, but only after the end of the series.

Criminal Minds Season 13 Release Date

Title Release Date
Criminal Minds Season 13 the end of September 2017

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Criminal Minds Renewed For 13th Season

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