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Code Black Season 3

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Code Black Season 3The medical serial “Code Black”, which is very popular among middle-aged viewers, from the studios Michael Seitzman’s Pictures, Tiny Pyro, CBS Television Studios and by the creator of the project Michael Seitzman has already 2 seasons.

On September 30, 2015, we could see the first episode of this exciting medical drama, starring such well-known actors as Marcia Gay Harden, Melanie Chandra, Harry Ford, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Luis Guzmán and others…

Now, 2017, and we could see already 2 full seasons of this most interesting series. Together with the main characters, we had to go through many good, exciting, tragedies and disappointments. Hundreds of saved people’s lives, tears of joy and bitterness – all this was in the series “Code Black”.

And now it’s time to talk about the continuation of the medical drama. What do we know about the third season? So, from official sources we knew that the CBS television channel decided to shoot Code Black Season 3! Great news for all fans of the series and personally a team of doctors led by Leanne Rorish!

Officially, the release date for Code Black Season 3 is already planned, the first episodes of the new season will start on the 20th of September, 2017.

The main actors and directors won’t be unchanged. It is planned that the third season will consist of not less than 16 episodes.


Code Black Season 3 castA few words about the plot of the series “Code Black”. The series is in the intensive care unit of one of the most famous US hospitals – Angels Memorial, where a group of young residents is on the internship. In the intensive care unit, the phrase “Code Black” is a special situation announced in the intensive care unit, when too many people are injured, at this moment the doctors need maximum concentration and proper prioritization, because in this short time only they can affect the fate of human lives.

Among other things, Angels Memorial is proud of its curriculum, which thousands of interns try to enter it every year. The main mentor of the hospital is Leanne Rorish, who had a personal tragedy three years ago, which made her stricter, more organized and fanatically focused on work.

Code Black EpisodeDuring this period, she was four times involved in the investigation of negligence, but was fully justified, and her risky methods saved many lives. Some of the interns of Leanne do not stand the loads and give up, but those who have completed the training are becoming popular specialists and occupying leading positions in other clinics. These factors make the hospital management trust absolutely Rorish, and close eyes to her disobedience and heavy character. The only one who decides to challenge the decisions of Leanne is Neal Hudson, who once studied with her. He is an excellent doctor and always follows the rules, so their views on medicine are sometimes different.

Fighting for the life of the patient until the last breath, everyone in this place is guided only by one rule: “Never, under any circumstances do not leave patients die.” But, unfortunately, in any rule there are exceptions. Only after passing the hellish mental torments of the great responsibility, knowing the bitterness of irreparable losses, having read the pain and desperation in the eyes of the unfortunate relatives, each of the young doctors will be able to understand: no matter who was the person who appeared in the walls of the Angels Memorial. If a person was an ambulance doctor, injured or accompanying relative, everyone gets to this place in search of his last miracle.

We hope that Code Black Season 3 will bring us a new interesting script that will get even more fans around the world.

Code Black Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Code Black Season 3 the 20th of September, 2017

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