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Chicago Med Season 4

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Chicago Med Season 4 release date

All three seasons of the fascinating American TV series “Chicago Med” pleases us with a rather intriguing story about the working days of doctors. The series is filmed by studios Wolf Films and Universal Television, and the creators of the project are Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Matt Olmstead. Starring starring Nick Gehlfuss (as Will Halstead), Yaya DaCosta (as April Sexton), Torrey DeVitto (as Natalie Manning), Rachel DiPillo (as Sarah Reese), Colin Donnell (as Connor Rhodes), Brian Tee (as Ethan Choi) and others.

It was a good selection of actors and professional work of producers that gave us the result in the form of a very interesting story, which is filled with emotions, feelings and heroism. As a result, the series has very good ratings, and its fan base is constantly growing. At the moment, the third season of the series shows an even more confident growth in the rating compared to the previous one. Therefore, it is not surprising that the creators of the series “Chicago Med” decide to extend it for the fourth season.

If you are worried and can’t find the answer to the question “Will there Chicago Med Season 4 be?” Then we are ready to please you. Our sources say that the NBC channel will definitely extend the series for the fourth season!

The release date of Chicago Med Season 4 is expected in the autumn of 2018. Depending on the timetable for NBC, this may be the end of September or November. Information that is more exact will be known soon.

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Chicago Med Season 4The main characters are working in one of the clinics of the megalopolis. This hospital is very popular among patients, because there are real professionals working there. And this is not surprising, because getting a job is not easy. The boss put all applicants to strict selection. The man believes that only the best are worthy of this high rank. He pays attention not only to the level of the doctor’s qualifications and his experience. The hospital chief is also interested in the personal qualities of a person, as the doctor must be a serious, cold-blooded and organized person who is ready for anything. Many people who tried to get a job at the clinic were unhappy with such strict selection.

However, it is thanks to this that each patient feels confident. The team of heroes every day works hard and saves tens of hundreds of lives of their patients. They struggle daily with death itself. And this battle is not always possible to win. But this circumstance is not able to force experienced and talented doctors to drop their hands and surrender to the mercy of fate. After all, they perfectly understand that the lives of people are in their hands. Therefore, you can’t drop them. Such a weakness can cost someone life…

Time will tell us what Chicago Med Season 4 is preparing for us. But we must be ready again to deep into the incredible history of medical practice, to see the routine in the Chicago clinic. We will definitely witness the heroic acts of doctors who will fight for the life of each patient every day.

Chicago Med Season 4 Release Date

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Chicago Med Season 4 Autumn 2018

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