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Chicago Fire Season 6

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Chicago Fire Season 6The famous drama series “Chicago Fire” from studios Wolf Films and Universal Television, as well as the creators of the project Michael Brandt and Derek Haas is one of the most popular series in its genre. Now the series has five full seasons, which were able to get an incredible army of fans in many countries.

On May 16 the fifth season finished and of course all fans of 51 branches of the fire department of Chicago had question: “Will there be Chicago Fire Season 6”?

The NBC channel has already told everyone that decisions about the future of the series about Chicago should not be expected until the beginning of May. This year, representatives of the channel at the traditional final press conference confirmed the extension of the series “Chicago Fire” for the sixth season. The project should have at least twenty episodes and return this fall. Also it’s confirmed the extension of the series “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Med.”

The release date for the series Chicago Fire Season 6 is already planned, it is expected that the show of new episodes will begin in mid-October 2017.

The plot of the sixth season remains a secret. However, it is known that the series had changes in its creation staff. Referring to the famous movieportal Deadline, showrunner Michael Brandt and Executive Producer Joe Chappelle are leaving Chicago Fire after the Season 5. It is still unknown who will take their place.


Chicago Fire Season 6 storyline

Image Source: NBC channel

American drama television series “Chicago Fire” tells about the representatives of some of the most difficult and dangerous professions, such as firefighters, rescuers and paramedics. Every day they are in spite of any risk to their lives, for the sake of saving other people. However, such dedication to work very often leads to personal losses.

The main hero, Lieutenant Matthew Casey, commander of the fire department of the 51st branch of the city of Chicago, has got leadership qualities. He is a real professional at his job, who has not the best of times of his life. Matthew Casey has recently broken up with his girlfriend, and even lost his colleague and good friend Andy Darden. On this basis, he constantly conflicts with the lieutenant from the rescue team – Kelly Severide, because he blames him for Andy’s death. The place of the deceased is taken by a newcomer who has a long way to go to become a real firefighter. And he is a person whom colleagues can rely on in the moments of the greatest danger. However, despite personal arguements, they continue to perform their work with dignity, and are always ready to come to each other’s rescue …

Let’s hope that the series Chicago Fire Season 6 will be at least as good as previous seasons, and perhaps, the authors will please us with an even more exciting storyline.

Chicago Fire Season 6 Release Date

Title Release Date
Chicago Fire Season 6 mid-October 2017

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Chicago Fire Renewed for Season 6

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