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Captain Underpants

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Captain Underpants

Image Source: DreamWorks Animation

Cartoon Captain Underpants from the studio DreamWorks Animation and by the director David Soren, based on the script by Dav Pilkey is about to glad us with his humorous storyline.

Great story, a lot of humor, funny characters, great graphics – what can be better for a real cartoon film, which has to conquer the hearts of the audience.

You have to wait a little bit, the official release date of the cartoon Captain Underpants is planned, and the premiere will be on June 2, 2017.

Two bustling teens George and Harold from the junior school will send us to a fantastic world of adventure, humor and fun! Are you ready?


A couple of bustling little boys George and Harold, students of junior school, like superhero comic books, dream of a super strong mystical abilities and love to fantasize. Playful guys, who have a wonderful imagination, come up with a dude with superpowers. To tell the truth, the newly-born hero exists only in the child’s mind. But he is already beginning to gain popularity among local teens who whisper about the hero’s glorious achievements. All these speculations, rumors and misunderstandings annoys so much the school principal Mr. Krupp, who is trying to prevent massive fanaticism.

Bustling teens, tired of the nitpicking of the chief leader, begin to study books that contain instructions for mastering the methods of hypnosis. Prankish heroes, conducting tests of newly acquired abilities on classmates, learned to control someone else’s consciousness and decided to entrance the commanding Mr. Krupp. Now the principal of the school, hypnotized by spoiled teens, becomes superman, trying to support and protect the young moochers. And they don’t think over the heroic name for a long time. To make it funny, they give him the nickname – Captain Underpants. How long will a childish, impish trick be?

Captain Underpants Release Date

Title Release Date
Captain Underpants June 2, 2017

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Images Source: DreamWorks Animation / Youtube


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