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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5

Image source: FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 – it’s all the expected return to the TV screens of your favorite character Jake Peralta and his comedic adventures in big New York.

As expected, the FOX television channel officially announced the continuation of its popular brainchild in the form of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the fifth season. And this is very good news for all fans!

But it could not be otherwise. The comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a reason for pride, both for its authors and directors, and for FOX. And the series won two awards for Creative Arts Emmys and two Golden Globes: one for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, the second for actor Andy Samberg for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy. Also, the series and actor Andy Samberg (as Jake Peralta) were nominated for many other awards.

Of course, the series is very popular, both among young people, and among middle-aged people. It has a wonderful story, able to make people smile and enjoy pleasant emotions. And it would be foolish if Brooklyn Nine-Nine would not get Season 5.

The release date for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 is already planned, it is expected that the show of new episodes will begin in the twentieth of September, 2017. We have to wait a little bit.

The storyline and the number of episodes of the fifth season are still kept secret. As for the production studios of the series, they remained unchanged; these are Fremulon, Universal Television and 20th Century Fox Television, directed by Dan Goor, Michael Schur, David Miner and Luke Del Tredici. The cast also remained unchanged, you can see all your favorite actors in the new season!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image source: FOX

The storyline of the American comedy TV series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is about a young guy Jake Peralta, who, despite his age, already has the position of detective in the Brooklyn Police. Jake likes such a responsible job, but only his attitude to it is extremely frivolous. Often, he behaves as if a big child who did not play enough in his childhood, and the young detective works on the investigation without any diligence and enthusiasm. For this reason, the department in which Jake works is one of the worst in the whole unit, and maybe even in New York.

Once the new head of the unit becomes a strict captain Ray Holt, who takes the service very seriously and does not intend to tolerate incompetence and debaucher of his subordinates. He sets himself the task of making the police station one of the best in the city, for which he plans to clean up the ranks of his staff. And it is not surprising that his first goal is detective Jake Peralta…

We are facing to a rather funny picture of confrontations between the captain and the detective. Sometimes, humorous moments in the series bring to burst of laugh even the most boring guys. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 will surely give us even more positive, humorous and comic stories of the detective Jake Peralta.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 the twentieth of September, 2017

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