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Brave Part 2

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Brave Part 2

Brave Part 2 is the second part of the popular cartoon from the studio Pixar. After the release of the first cartoon in the summer of 2012, many viewers are interested when the continuation will be released. The release date of the second part of the cartoon will be interesting to our readers.

After the release of the first part, the creators got a lot of enthusiastic reviews, which greatly influenced on the decision to shoot Brave Part 2.

At the moment, the exact date of the release of the cartoon Brave Part 2 is unknown, there is information that it will be at the middle of the spring 2017 and there is a date that the film company Pixar once published it is on June 16, 2017.


The cartoon story is about the life of the royal family of Scottish monarchs. The head of the throne is King Fergus and his wife Elinor, they have a daughter Merida and sons.

Fergus is ready to make any sacrifices to protect his family. This man is a real fearless and strong warrior. Once, when his daughter was small, he gave her a bow and arrows, she was taking them everywhere and all the time.

After the triple boys are born in the royal family, Merida likes so much to play with boys. Queen Elinor, her mother is not so happy with such inclinations of her daughter. She wants her to be like her and become more feminine. Elenor persuades Merida to leave men’s classes and to have fancy for different women’s things.

The mother wants her princess to marry a descendant of the family of lords who are the main clans of the kingdom. The queen arranges a competition, the winner of which will gain the heart of her daughter. Merida must choose the type of competition.

The princess chooses archery. She is also going to participate in the duel. The girl wins the competition and becomes the cause of the scandal between the lords.

Merida escapes from her parents’ house. In the forest, she meets a sorceress who agrees to help the princess. For their services, the evil sorceress bewitched the queen, who turned her into a bear.

In the cartoon Brave Part 2 a princess Marida will be queen. Creators promise even more adventures and exciting moments.

Brave Part 2 release date

Title Release Date
Brave 2 June 16, 2017 (unofficial sources)

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  1. Brave 2 must happen!
    I would like to see Merida & Young MacGuffin end up together (Which Is What Pixar Was Going To Do For The First Film)
    I would also like to see Merida to defeat the Villain (Instead Of Elinor) even if Mordu returns!

    Please Disney Pixar make it happen


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