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Blue Bloods Season 9

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Blue Bloods Season 9 Release date

Eight exciting seasons of the criminal drama of the CBS channel called “Blue Bloods” pleases us with a very interesting story in the center of which the family of New York police officers.

The series tells typical stories about robbery, murder, corruption policy, office and domestic crimes. And all this is combined with a fascinating family drama, allowing the viewer to enjoy a good detective and watch how hereditary policemen solve their difficulties at work and at home.

“Blue Bloods” with each new season conquers new fans and pleases the hearts of the other fans. Just imagine, the premiere of the first season took place on September 24, 2010, for eight whole years we live together with the Reagan. Honestly, you can imagine with horror the day when the creators of the project decide to finish the story. However, we are sure that while the series keeps high ratings, the creators of the project will please us with new seasons.

What do we have for today? The eighth season of Blue Bloods is coming to the end and right now the question is: “Will Blue Bloods Season 9 happen?”

There is no doubt that CBS will extend Blue Bloods for the ninth season, and the release date will be on September 29, 2018.

We predict that the ninth season will not be the last in this story. The creators of the project will certainly give us the opportunity to enjoy more than one chapter of Reagan’s life. Together we will experience many interesting moments and dramatic episodes.


Blue Bloods Frank ReaganCurrently, Frank Reagan runs the New York police station. He is intelligent, charismatic and powerful enough to manage masterfully not only his employees, but also the numerous members of his own family. The commissar is sincerely proud of his children, especially his eldest son. Danny participated in combat battles in Iraq. He is a true patriot of his country. The guy can boast of considerable merit in uncovering a variety of incidents, from the disappearance of a underage girl to the disassembly of drug traffickers. He believes that any methods are good for achieving the goal and sometimes uses ambiguous ways of solving the arising problems. After completing his studies at the Faculty of Law, the youngest of all, Jamie, decided to follow example of his brother and became a simple cop. Their only sister Erin is a single mother. The girl works as an assistant prosecutor and also stands guard over the interests of the state.

Whoever said anything, but the work of these people is serious. Here it is decided not by education, not by desire to work, but by experience and professionalism, concentration and attentiveness. Investigating complex cases is part of Reagan’s life. However, family troubles also happen and require direct intervention from outside.

Blue Bloods Season 9 Release Date

Title Release Date
Blue Bloods Season 9 September 29, 2018

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