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Blue Bloods Season 8

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Blue Bloods Season 8The exciting criminal drama “Blue Bloods” from the studios of Panda Productions Inc., Paw in Your Face Productions and the CBS channel, seven seasons shows us a very interesting story about the life of the head of the police department of New York.

As you know in the center of the plot are Frank Reagan and his family, each member of which chose a professional path – to become the guardian of the law. Yes, this is another police drama, which, somewhere in the origins of the genre, is similar to Criminal Minds, Chicago P.D., S.W.A.T. and other similar police serials.

The plot of “Blue Bloods”, too, could win the hearts of millions of fans around the world as evidenced by official statistics and the existed seven seasons. Will there Blue Bloods Season 8 be?

CBS officially announced the extension of the series for the eighth season. Good news for all fans of Frank Reagan and his family.

It is known that the official release date for the series Blue Bloods Season 8 has already been planned, the premiere of the new season will be on September 29, 2017.

There is not much to wait at all. In the meantime, look and mark in your calendars the release date of other TV shows that are already on our website.


Blue Bloods Season 8 from CBSA very intriguing story gives viewers a new season of criminal drama. Of course, in the center of the story there will be a story about the life of Frank Reagan, who devoted his whole life to working in the police and his beloved family. He has three adult children: two sons – the eldest Danny and younger Jamie, and daughter Erin. He loves his family very much, but in particular, he is proud of his eldest son, who decided to follow his example.

True methods of work of relatives are clearly different, but this does not prevent them from coming to the same goal, but by quite different means. The daughter of the main character Erin also decided to become a civil servant, only now she chose the profession of the prosecutor and in connection with her work, she has completely different views, different from her older brother. And the younger son, who has already graduated from law, continues to rush about a rather scrupulous choice… It’s no secret that Frank Reagan has always placed the greatest hopes on Jamie. However, instead of going to work as a lawyer in one of the city’s best legal cantons, Jamie gets a job as an ordinary police officer, thereby breaking father’s hopes. But all this goes to the background when the past starts to knock at the door of this family, about which everyone tried to forget by all means…

Blue Bloods Season 8 Release Date

Title Release Date
Blue Bloods Season 8 September 29, 2017

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