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Blindspot Season 3

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Blindspot Season 3

“Blindspot” is a spectacular crime series from NBC. A lot of viewers like the story about a girl whose role is played by actress Jaimie Alexander.

Fans are looking forward to the release of the third season of this series.

The release date of the continuation of the story about the heroine, who wants to unravel the secrets of her past by tattoos on her body, will be interesting for our readers.

Therefore, the official release date of the series Blindspot Season 3 is already known, the first series will be on September 22, 2017. Totally, there are 10 episodes in the season.


Blindspot Season 3 Jaimie AlexanderThe plot of the detective thriller “The Blind Spot” is about a young girl who comes to life in the heart of New York, surrounded by dozens of police officers and special forces. She completely remembers nothing, and her whole body is covered with fresh mysterious tattoos. The FBI joins to investigation of this strange affair, and also the special agent Kurt Weller, whose name was for some reason on the back of a poor girl. The case turns out to be very complicated and confusing, and it’s not surprising, because there is no information about the heroine at any database.

In addition, it turns out that, despite the amnesia, she knows several languages and has quite a few abilities, and also she has incredible skills in hand-to-hand fighting. As the investigation becomes clear, all the tattoos on the girl’s body are nothing more than clues pointing to future crimes. It is like a world conspiracy, which now must be stopped. That’s just who and why started this dangerous game? And its very important, why did the mysterious stranger choose Agent Kurt?

Now the heroes of Blindspot need to reveal all the signs-tattoos all the time getting into criminal stories.

Blindspot Season 3 release date

Title Release Date
Blindspot Season 3 September 22, 2017

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Can’t wait for season 3! Some people didn’t like the season 2 finale, but I did. The mystery continues 🤔

  2. howie slater says:

    i missed season 3 first show–when is it on tv–like show a lot–here in los angeles


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