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Black Mirror Season 4

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Black Mirror Season 4, release dateWill Black Mirror Season 4 be? Is the release date of Black Mirror Season 4 known? On which channel will you be able to watch the new season? We already have answers to these and other questions.

The British television series, or rather the dramatic thriller “Black Mirror” from the studio Zeppotron and creator of the project Charlie Brooker in the new season will continue its unique story.

As you have already known, this dramatic series shows to its viewer a concern for the current world, absorbed by the Internet, television and social networks, and the “Black Mirror” all this shows. And the uniqueness of the television series is that the episodes are not related to each other by the plot, actors, time or place of narration. This makes viewers expect new series of something completely new, mysterious and interesting from the new series.

At the moment the show has three seasons. But we have good news for fans, officially it became known that Netflix together with the creator of the project Charlie Brooker extended the series for a new – the fourth season.

The release date for Black Mirror Season 4 is planned, it is expected that the show of new episodes will start in the twentieth of October, 2017.

Black Mirror Season 4 Episode List

Not long ago, there is some information in the social network Reddit that reveals the names of six episodes of Black Mirror Season 4:

  • ArkAngel
  • USS Callister
  • Crocodil
  • Hang the Dj
  • Metalhead
  • Black Museum

By the way, we almost forgot to inform you that the fourth season of the series “Black Mirror” can be watched on Netflix!


Black Mirror StorylineTechnology burst into human life and took a solid place. Without a TV, a computer, a tablet, a laptop, a phone and other innovations, no one can live. This kind of technique is called the “black mirror” of mankind.

The World Wide Web has captured billions of people in its networks. Social networks swallowed up all the young people. And it has already reached the point that close people do not know us real, but virtual “friends” have the widest information about our lives.

The series shows the modern life of mankind and all the problems that technological innovations give us. In each series, people can recognize themselves. And we can only hope that at least some conclusions we can still make after watching a realistic series, and not thoughtlessly staring at the monitor screen.

The audience will see a realistic picture of the modern world, where people are ruled by technology.

Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date

Title Release Date
Black Mirror Season 4 twentieth of October, 2017

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