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Beauty and the Beast 2: are you waiting for?

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Beauty and the Beast

Source: Disney Movie

So one of the main cartoon premieres of 2017 is “Beauty and the Beast”. What to say? Expectations were completely justified! The film left a very pleasant impression and got good reviews of film critics.

imdb raiting: 7.9 / 10

We do not exaggerate if we say that this picture is currently one of the best in 2017. And maybe even, according to the rating will be the most expected and seen event. Moreover, indeed, the filmmakers and the whole crew tried very hard to make this masterpiece. And what great cast of actors – Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston), Josh Gad (LeFou) and others.

Fans were very glad after seeing their favorite actors in the new picture! Haters believed that Emma Watson only knows how to wave a magic wand and read the spells in the Harry Potter movie, but filmmakers wiped their eyes greatly!

Despite the fact that the plot of the cartoon is known very well, but when you are watching it, it’s like the first time. It was shot beautifully, great graphics, an excellent cast of actors, favorite songs, and plus new ones that were not in the cartoon. And what a beautiful and heartwarming dance Belle and the Beast … goose bumps! Who wants to visit a fairy tale or to occur a little in childhood – you should see the movie “Beauty and the Beast”!

After such story, now many people are interested only in one question: “Will the second part of Beauty and the Beast be?” Now we can not exactly answer this question, but the authors and directors must necessarily come up something!

P.S. Who watched the movie in 3D, I wonder if you dodged from the flying snowballs?


A wonderful remake of the animated film, tells about the magical love story of a beautiful girl and a terrible monster.

An angry Sorceress, decided to teach severely the selfish, self-centered and heartless Prince Adam, turned a beautiful young man into an eerie monster, while making a powerful spell on the inhabitants of the castle, who were at the heat of the moment, turning them into various interior items. And now, to remove the terrible spell, an arrogant young man needs not only to learn good manners, but also to meet real mutual love. But our hero needs to do all this until the last petal falls from the magic rose left by the sorceress, otherwise the guy will be in the guise of a monster for all his life.

The charming Belle lives with her father Maurice, an eccentric inventor, in a small provincial town. Once, after going to the fair to show his invention, Maurice lost his way and accidentally occurred in a cursed castle. There he found himself in the clutches of a monster. Belle is worrying, because her father wasn’t at home in time. She went to look for him and also found herself in the same castle where the girl offers to the gloomy master to become his captive in exchange for his father’s freedom…

Bit by bit, the girl understands that the prince is only outside so terrible, but inside there is a good young man. Maybe Belle can become that girl who sincerely loves the Beast and removes the curse. But will she have time to do this before the last petal falls from the rose, and people who knew about the deeds of the monster will come to the castle to kill him?

Beauty and the Beast release date

Title Release Date
Beauty and the Beast March 17, 2017
Beauty and the Beast 2 Unknown

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