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Balto 4

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Balto 4 release date

American cartoon “Balto” is a small masterpiece from Universal Cartoon Studios, producer Phil Weinstein and scriptwriters Elana Lesser and Cliff Ruby. The world saw the premiere of the first part in 1995, so many of today’s viewers could see it only in repetition. After the release in 1995 of the first part, in 2002 and 2004 the cartoon continuations were released.

Yes, we must admit that the cartoon can hardly be super popular and world-famous. But we believe that this is due to the fact that today’s cartoons from famous studios receive much more support in the media and the Internet than it was before.

“Balto” is a truly sincere story, which is worthy of all praise and the highest ratings. It will tell us about an incredible story (the first part of which is based on real events) of an animal named Balto, who is half wolf and half a dog. Because of this another dogs laugh at him, and blames him for the country of origin, people refuse even to look at him. Only his close friends goose Boris, husky Jenna and bears Luk and Muk know that the dog has a beautiful soul and a very kind heart, he always comes to rescue and will not leave in trouble.

Kind American cartoon is suitable both for children of any age, and for adults: the animation picture teaches people goodness, assistance, forgiveness, gratitude and understanding. That is why many years after the last part all fans have the question: When will Balto 4 come out? Today, there are many fan groups, where people don’t stop to share their impressions of the cartoon and are looking forward to any information about his future fate.

From unofficial sources, we knew that Universal Cartoon Studios decided to create the fourth – the last part in the history of the story “Balto”. The exact release date is still unknown to anyone and is under the status of TBD. We forecast that Balto 4 can’t wait until the end of 2018 or 2019.

We prepared not big reviews of all parts of the cartoon for those who knew about it just now.

Balto all parts and their release date

Title Release Date
Balto 1 22 December 1995
Balto 2: Wolf Quest 19 February 2002
Balto 3: Wings of Change 30 September 2004
Balto 4 the end of 2018 or 2019(TBD)

Balto 1 Storyline

Balto 1The plot of the adventure cartoon “Balto” is based on a real story that happened in 1925. In the small town of Nome, located on the Seward Peninsula in the state of Alaska, a diphtheria epidemic begins among children. The current situation is difficult by the fact that the beginning of a severe storm completely cuts off the city from the outside world, depriving any possibility to deliver the necessary medicines there. The only hope was the dog team, which had to overcome almost a thousand kilometers along the harsh and snow-covered expanses.

Balto was half wolf. He always really wanted to be the leader of the dog team. However, people were afraid of his wolf nature, and so they tried not to contact with him. But when the team with medicines got lost in a snowstorm, it was Balto’s wolfish flair that helped to save the situation.

Balto 2 Storyline

balto 2After, thanks to the instincts of the hero of the cartoon dog named Balto, the city was saved, his life changed radically: people with love and great respect began to treat him. He got a family, and soon he and Jenna had six wonderful puppies. Five of them very quickly found their owners, but nobody wanted to take the girl Aleu, because she was very much like a wolf. Once Balto tells the little girl that, she really has wolf roots. Shocked by this story, Aleu escapes from the house to figure out who she really is. Noticing the loss of her daughter, Balto doesn’t think a lot and starts to look for her, and soon finds. A lot of incredible adventures await for them, and most importantly – a meeting with a real pack of wolves.

Balto 3 Storyline

balto 3As time goes by, technological progress doesn’t stand still, and therefore more and more aircraft are getting on Alaska. Of course, this leads to the fact that dog sleds lose relevance, and soon they may not become necessary. Realizing the importance of this problem, Balto together with his son Kodi decide to try to return people’s interest in riding a team, arranging a race between the dogs and the newest technology. No one even thought that the team would come to the finish line first. The dogs were very happy with the victory, but soon Balto realized that with the plane, something was probably happening, and his captain Duke needed help. Getting the support of loyal friends, the brave dog goes in search.

What will Balto 4 be about?

Balto 4Currently, the plot of the fourth part of the cartoon remains a secret. In any case, we will see and experience with our favorite heroes another incredible story. Spoiler. If you want a little imagination – you will get it. Most likely we will see old Balto, who gives most of his time to his children. Therefore, the most part of the story will be based on the Balto children. They will fall into a difficult situation from which they themselves can’t find a way out and then the old experienced Balto will come anf save them.

Balto 4 Release Date

Title Release Date
Balto 4 the end of 2018 or 2019

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  1. Razor3421 says:

    Dear writer,

    The text that you wrote is very informative, but I’d like to know if you are also currently hailing these pages. Also, I’d like to say that Universal Cartoon Studios has not co-developed a movie since 2009.
    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Many Thanks

  2. GB says:

    I truely love all the balto films so beautiful and Balto is my favorite character and there are so many other characters we all can enjoy and relate to i give props and congrats to all the people who made these movies everyone did a such a great job. But I do hope they make a 4th movie i loved to see that and instead of just being a trilogy. I hope they get to there goal making this 4th final film.

  3. Rebecca Bell says:

    hi 2020 here i’m 25 years old and i’m curious of any update in Balto 4 coming out really looking forward too


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