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Ballers Season 4

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Ballers Season 4The American television channel HBO in 2015 decided to start shooting the series about the behind-the-scenes life of American football. To interest those viewers, in whose countries this sport is not so popular, wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson was invited on the position of the main role.

This actor is known for his great roles in the cinema. The series “Ballers” became his one of the first major works on television.

At the moment, the series takes a high place in the ratings, which allowed its producers to shoot the third season (now is showing) and officially announce the shooting of Ballers Season 4, thereby to excite all fans.

Well, we have to keep you informed of the latest news and to report the release date of the fourth season:

Presumably, the release date for Ballers Season 4 will be in mid-July 2018.

In the meantime, you can see the release date of other popular TV series.


Ballers season 4 and Dwayne JohnsonAmerican football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The story of the comic drama “Ballers” is around this exciting game.

The main hero of the series is ex-athlete Spencer Strasmore. This well-known pro in the past is always in sporting get-together. He has a lot of friends.

After the end of his sports career, the man decided to stay close to the world to which he devoted his life. Spencer is a financial adviser to successful current players.

For the years of his career, he was all the time in the center of great scandals, which brought a lot of problems to the coach and the owner of the team. Now he is trying to help young players not to make such mistakes.

Spencer helps young and good players to succeed in the world of big sports, and also helps to avoid mistakes that in the past he made by himself…

Except Dwayne Johnson, other Hollywood stars have taken part in the creation of this series. So Mark Wahlberg has recently become the executive producer of the project. Also in the series, viewers can see the famous comedian Rob Corddry.

Already, you can loudly say that the Ballers Season 4 will be no less expected and popular. It remains only to wait for the release date of the new season.

Ballers Season 4 Release Date

Title Release Date
Ballers Season 4 mid-July 2018

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