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Attack on Titan Season 3

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Attack on Titan Season 3

Original title: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3

The second season of the anime series “Attack on Titan” was created by Wit Studio and directed by Araki Tetsurou and Masashi Koizuka. The second season gave us 12 cool fantastic episodes, which are full of adventures, battles and experiences.

As it was expected, the second season received high, good ratings of critics and millions of positive comments from fans. The only thing that upset is the duration of the series. In comparison with the first season (25 episodes), the second season had only 12 episodes. Only the viewers were imbued with the story as it came to the end. We hope that the third season will be longer.

Yes, you heard well, Attack on Titan Season 3 will be – this is officially confirmed information from Wit Studio. The work on the project has long been started, but the plot is still kept secret. That’s good news is not it?

We knew the official release date for Attack on Titan Season 3, it is expected that the show of new episodes will begin in April 2018.

Already now it can be said that Attack on Titan Season 3 is one of the most expected events in the anime world, planned for the spring of 2018.

Our favorite super heroes will return to the TV screens and continue the crushing battle against the evil Titans.


Attack on Titan Season 3Several years ago, it was a tragedy in Singansin County. As we remember, the three walls – Wall Maria, Rose, and Sheena kept peace and tranquility in the territory controlled by mankind. However, after breaking through the gap in Wall Maria, the insane Titans almost managed to break into the city, which walls were considered impenetrable, and destroy part of the population. The parents of the main hero of the anime “Attack on Titan” Eren Yeager and his sister Mikasa are dying. Vowing to take revenge and get even with the monsters, Eren finishes a special military school and together with his sister and childhood friend Armin Arlert sent to the army in the unit Survey Corps.

In the bloody battle Survey Corps defeat, Eren dies. Only few hopes for victory in the near future, too great a loss. But suddenly in the ranks of soldiers appears Titan, who is ready to fight on the side of people. Who is he? It is the miraculously resurrected Eren, now possessing the ability to transform into a huge powerful titan, who is able to repel the attacks of giants.

The command is distrustful of the new ally, as there have been so many betrayals lately, but Eren’s squad risks believing him. Fighting with non-humans is increasingly difficult, because the Titans, despite the children’s mind, have learned to transform themselves into people. In addition, the royal government, without really understanding what is going on, by its orders are only constantly helping the enemy.

Do you think in Attack on Titan Season 3, will brave Survey Corps defeat the terrible titans and finally bring peace and tranquility back to the territory of humanity?

Attack on Titan Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Attack on Titan Season 3 April 2018

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