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Arrested Development Season 5

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Arrested Development Season 5The American comedy series “Arrested Development” from the studios of Imagine Entertainment, The Hurwitz Company and Netflix, as well as the creator of the Mitchell Hurwitz project, after a long pause of five years, officially returns to the TV screens.

Yes, five long years of waiting for fans of one of the most popular comedy series of their time – it’s a lot. For so much time it is already possible and forget about what was the fourth season about…

We recall you that the plot of the fourth season was mainly focused on the main character Michael Bluth. Maybe that is why the ratings of the fourth season began to fall. But as the directors of Arrested Development promise us, the fifth season will correct the mistakes and will be dedicated to the entire Bluth family.

Arrested Development Season 5

But who will play the main roles in the series? Will the characters of the main characters be unchanged?

Recently it has become known that the main hero of the series actor Jason Bateman (as Michael Bluth) has already signed the contract for the shooting in the fifth season.

Jason Bateman tweet

Earlier, in January 2017, Brian Grazer officially announced that all the actors who were in the previous seasons of the series agreed to shoot in the Arrested Development Season 5. And this is great news, the old company will be together, we will have a fun time!

The exact release date of the series Arrested Development Season 5 is still unknown, but Netflix officially announced that the premiere will be in 2018.

It is also known that the fifth season will consist of 17 episodes, which you can see on Netflix.


Arrested Development storylineThe television series tells the story of the ruined rich people. The main characters are a once-rich family that runs the estate company in Orange County, California. At present, the Bluth family is crashing in business and quickly loses all of its power, barely making ends meet. In addition, the marrieds are on the verge of divorce. Only the son of the family Michael Bluth can prevent undesirable events. The guy decides to leave his job, life, and his girlfriend just to save family peace.

Returning home, the guy finds out that his father was put in jail for financial fraud. Michael now has to lead the family business on his own. It is necessary for him, at all costs, to put production on stream, and also to teach other members of the family to live by the prevailing circumstances, and to save the rest of money. In addition, Michael had to take care about a fourteen-year-old son, who also needed to teach the basics of entrepreneurial activity.

Despite the tragedy of the situation, the hero finds the strength not only to restore the family business, but also to open several stores. Many friends, colleagues, thoughtful relatives and a growing son will help him in this difficult business.

Arrested Development Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Arrested Development Season 5 TBA / 2018

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