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Aquarius Season 3

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Aquarius season 3

After the release of the first season of the TV project in 2015, fans were interested what is the released date of the continuation. A fascinating plot and an excellent acting team led to the fact that the channel ordered the first season without a pilot series. And almost immediately after the end of the first season, the creators reported that there will be a continuation. The exact release date of the second season was said in the spring of 2016.

After the release of the second season in June 2016, all the fans began to be interested in the continuation of this story.

At the moment there is no officially confirmed release date of the series Aquarius Season 3. But there are rumors that it will be at the beginning of June 2017, the release date of the first series of the third season will be announced.

As soon as it is known, we will tell you immediately on our site. So watch the news.


The plot of the crime drama “Aquarius” was based on real events that occurred in the United States. We see the story where there is a fierce confrontation between a policeman from Los Angeles Hodiak and a criminal Charles Manson.

The series is at the late 60s of the last century. Sam Hodiak works as a detective in the Los Angeles police. His methods of work are not always legal, but they are effective, and helped him to imprison more than a dozen bad guys behind bars. Once, an old friend asked for help of an experienced policeman, whose daughter disappeared without a trace.

Having the support of his partner Brian Shafe, Sam takes up this case, and very soon the police are on the trail of a certain sect “Family”, led by a man Charles Manson. To learn as much as possible about the sect and its leader, the heroes are taking a risky step. By pretending to be a hippie, Brian Shafe manages to infiltrate the nearest surroundings of the Mansons. After that, it becomes clear that they have faced to a very dangerous person who is involved in many cruel crimes. Hodiak sets a goal to stop Manson, but it is not easy to do…

Aquarius Season 3 release date

Title Release Date
Aquarius Season 3 June 2017 (rumors)

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  1. Alexandria Ayers says:

    Please put Aquarius back on! It was a good show and was getting to the good parts. you can’t leave fans hanging after the last show on season 2

  2. Michael Stadler says:

    Please more Aquarius


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