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Animals Season 2

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Animals Season 2

The official release date of the second season is on March 17, 2017 and successfully started.

The fans liked the first series of the cartoon so much.

The first season finished almost a year ago. A whole year of expectations and questions to the filmmakers:

When will Animals Season 2 start?

What is the exact date of release Animals Season 2?

What will be the story of Animals Season 2 about?

Now all these questions have an answer. The cartoon is continuing. It is time to get popcorn and cola enjoying hilarious adventures in the animal world.

Have you already seen the first animated series Animals Season 2, which has already started on HBO?


Many people have got used to fussy life in huge metropolitan areas, but none of us has any idea that in daily turmoil there are those who are all the time watching us, trying in their own way to understand this or that act of two-legged. Of course, these are all kinds of animals and even insects that surround people everywhere, often invisible to them, not because they are hiding, but because people who are too busy and sometimes don’t notice them.

The series will tell about our four legged friends that living in the most uncomfortable for them habitat on Earth is a huge New York. A few incredible stories will show us the daily life of the oppressed inhabitants of the stone jungle. Among them, several melancholic rats went to a nightly rat party in the nearest subway. Also horses that are envious of the success of friends, trying to prove to themselves that if they were it, they would not be worse. We will see pigeons doubting their gender predisposition. Two bedbugs who have finally found a cozy place and peacefully talking about the crisis of middle age, from time to time having a bite. Also many other representatives of the animal world, who have something to talk about. Moreover, often, their problems are not so different from human.

Animals Season 2 release date

Title Release Date
Animals Season 2 March 17, 2017

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