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Agent Carter Season 3

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Agent Carter Season 3The adventure series “Agent Carter” from the studios Fazekas & Butters, Marvel Television, ABC Studios and creators of the project Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely first appeared in 2015. Now the show has two full seasons.

Before it was reported that the ABC television channel decided to cancel Agent Carter Season 3. But after several failures in new projects (for example, the series Conviction), one can not lose hope that the channel will change its decision and we will see Peggy Carter again. Moreover, the other day actress Hayley Atwell (the role of Peggy Carter) shared her opinion on the possibility of extending the series for the third season, thereby adding intrigue and gave hope to the fans of the series.

Hayley Atwell at a press conference answered several questions about the future of the series “Agent Carter”. The actress noted that she is not against playing Peggy Carter again and is ready to do her best to make a heroine for the audience much better than it was in previous seasons. Hayley Atwell also shared her opinion about that she would like to see in Agent Carter Season 3: tell more about the history of Peggy Carter, her relationship with her family and her brother, about her relationship with Edwin Jarvis, and perhaps see the Peggy wedding…

After such words there is a hope that after all the serial Agent Carter will get the third season in a short time. Now everything depends on the ABC channel and the activity of the fan base, because ratings and popularity will play the main role in making the decision.

Therefore, let’s not put an end to this story and put the status for the series TBD (the solution is in process).

And would you like to see the continuation of the story about Peggy Carter and learn more about her role in the Marvel universe?


Agent Carter“Agent Carter” is an American adventure series, telling about the life of Peggy Carter. The series takes place in the post-war years. The main character Peggy lives with memories of her love who has not returned from the war. In this world, everything reminds her of him, and with every memory, the pain of loss speaks in her anxious heart. She tries hard to work and live the life of a typical lonely American woman. But what kind of quiet life we can speak if the beautiful Peggy works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve?

The main character lost a loved one, and in search of solace, became attached to Howard Stark. Now she has to combine administrative work and making the secret tasks of Stark. Agent Carter is as beautiful as ever. This fatal beauty is admired when it copes with the next task. At first look, Peggy is confident and a determined girl, but only work helps her not to close herself. She undertakes any task in order to think less about the loss of her love.

Let’s hope that ABC channel will reconsider its decision and we will see Agent Carter Season 3. We would like to extend this story to learn more about the main characters and their future destiny.

Agent Carter Season 3 Release Date

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Agent Carter Season 3 TBD (the solution is in process)

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Why We’re Hoping for Agent Carter Season 3

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