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About us

ReleaseDataHub is a community of people who are looking forward to the date of the favorite event’s release. Every day our team tells about interesting series, films, programs, games, events, the release date, which many people are interested. And some of them can not wait for their favorite event to deep into its plot again.

We want you to be the first who know the date of the release of all the most interesting stuff. Our goal is to make sure that you are always know everything before others do. We are looking for accurate information and sharing it with you. We check and analyze different sources: official sites of film studios, TV channels, fan sites, social networks and news web resources. Therefore, you will be the first who will know about everything!

Our editors will tell you a lot of interesting things in such areas as serials, movies, games, anime, TV shows, cartoons and much more.

Our editorial staff and all authors work only for you, we consider all your wishes and requirements, read and moderate comments.

Our site tells everyone when a new event, expected by many, will be released. So, with us you will be the first who will know the release date of new seasons of the most popular foreign and domestic TV series. In addition, you can see the official trailer, pictures, photos and posters, write your review and comments, and enjoy the communication with the same fans.

It is very important for us to know your opinion about the events, so it’s necessary to register and leave your feedback, contact us, write reviews, put likes and share news with all your friends.

Our website ReleaseDataHub.com started working in the spring, 2017. Let’s develop together. Support our project – it is very important for us!