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18if Season 2

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18if Season 2

Fantastic anime series “18if” is a project of the studio Gonzo, and as a director, the studio invited the legendary creator of the anime Kouji Morimoto. Announcement of the project was in December last year, when the Tokyo Comic Con was presented with a presentation clip of a five-minute time-table, which the project director did himself. The premiere of the first episode started on July 7, 2017.

Anime-series “18if” is an adaptation of one of the games, which is an integral part of a multimedia project called “Art of 18”. The script is based on the story idea of one of these games called RPG 18: Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle. This is one of the last games in the franchise, which was released in the spring of 2016.

This anime series is an incredible chain of events and emotions, being a psychological thriller that allows the viewer to plunge into the unknown depth of the subconscious, sending him to a sometimes-frightening journey through the streams of the human mind and his unconscious instincts. The spectacle is quite exciting and the viewer is looking forward to a new episode to see the continuation of the story…

Eve and HarutoAt the moment the anime series is over. We have had the opportunity to enjoy viewing 13 interesting episodes. But what’s next? Will 18if Season 2 be? When to wait for 18if Season 2 Episode 1?

At the moment there is no official information about the second season. If the studio Gonzo decides to extend the series, then the show of the first episodes of the second season should be expected not earlier than July 2018.

We believe that 18if Season 2 will be! Do you remember how at the end Eve said Haruto “see you, brother” – most likely, this is a clear hint at the continuation of the story. Moreover, the anime series got high ratings and thousands of positive feedback from fans. The studio Gonzo and director Kouji Morimoto really created a wonderful anime series, which we want to review again and again.


Haruto Tsukishiro (18if)The place of action is the World of Dreams. This place is filled with desires, dreams of different people, and surrounded by beautiful multilevel landscapes. And it is there that people fall, being victims of some incomprehensible disease, to which helpless doctors gave the poetic name Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. And the measurement itself is more prosaic code name 18if.

The main character is Haruto Tsukishiro. And he also falls in 18if. Symptoms of the disease are: every time when a person’s consciousness is on the verge of sleep, it magically penetrates into the dreams of other people. And one day Haruto will fall into the dream of one witch who herself is sick with the same illness, but wants a lot to get rid of it. And she manages to lock the hero in the world of his dreams. And now the young man will have to find a way out of someone else’s sleep…

In this fantastic world there is a lot of attraction that keeps the consciousness of the person who entered into it. And above all, it is that it is possible to realize their most cherished dreams and desires. However, there are many secrets in it, and not always these secrets are safe. Haruto’s cherished dream was always to find and save the beautiful Princess, but finding himself in the place where such a dream can come true, it turns out that its implementation is fraught with many difficulties, and above all the hero needs to find a partner. But even if a partner is found, firstly it is necessary to fight on a certain stadium, which is called “The Dream of the Master.” The world of witch dreams is incredibly huge and multilevel, and to get to the desired point you need to overcome all these levels…

18if Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
18if Season 2 July 2018 (unofficialy)

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