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11.22.63 Season 2? What is known?

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11.22.63 by Stephen KingThe question that came to our e-mail address from our reader: “Will the second season of the series 11.22.63 be”? Perhaps the authors came up with an addition to the script.

Our answer: the second season of 11.22.63 is only the speculation of those who are completely out of the question. 11.22.63 is a mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel, consisting of eight episodes, which fully unfolded the story and ended the story. The second season will not be, and those who did not watch the mini-series – it’s time to start watching this cinematic masterpiece.

We can clearly see a historical excursion to America in the 1960s. The authors brilliantly recreated the atmosphere and conveyed the spirit of that time. Scenery, costumes and atmosphere, everything is done in the best traditions of retro style. At the same time, we are introduced to the foundations and customs of that historical period. I liked, for some reason, the intro screen with a very interesting melody. The last series was the strongest and most emotional, and made a strong impression. It was a real drama that struck a nerve every spectator.


11.22.63 James FrancoAccording to the novel by Stephen King. Every person, and not only film fans, knows the phrase in the opening credit. It has some magical effect. The king of horrors, as the writer is called, is famous not only for his mystical and eerie novels, but also for works in such genres as fantasy, drama, crime, detective and many others. And in his books King touches deeply various topics. Unfortunately, not all his screen versions are successful. But this mini-series is beyond any doubt a success.

The theme of travel time is quite often found in the cinema, but here it occupies a small part and in fact is just a start of the plot. This is a sci-fi thriller and detective, which closer to the finale becomes a deep drama. The main character sets a goal to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy, simultaneously trying to unravel the underlying cause of this crime. As a result, there is a strong detective intrigue, which keeps attention and interest until the very end. In general, the narrative is quite dynamic, with the exception of a slight sag in the middle.

11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
11.22.63 Season 2 The second season will not be. Story Ended.

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